The FMC_CLHS_M is the industry's first FPGA Mezzanine Card (Vita 57.1) providing a high performance M_Protocol Camera Link HS connection.


The FMC_CLHS_M is a dual CX4 Connector Mezzanine Card (HPC configuration) for advanced  Camera Link HS video processing applications requiring high performance capture or output.

The FMC_CHLS_M Mezzanine Card is electrically VITA57.1 compliant and providing a high performance M_Protocol Camera Link HS connection. The M_ PROTOCOL use copper cable up to 15 meters and is capable of capturing video @2.1GB/s.

The Card is compatible with new frequency transmission of the protocol @5Gb/s and up to 8Gb/s.

This card is ideally suited to camera and frame grabber application.

The FMC_CLHS_M card only require 5 single-ended signals control making it possible to use with a long list of compatible FPGA carrier boards.

The programmable settings of the linear repeater can be manually applied easily via pin control.

Input termination, VOD (output amplitude) and equalization setting can be rapidly modify to meet the needs of most high speed and extreme cable length applications.

The FMC_CLHS_M provides the optimum solution for new systems as well as a straightforward technology refresh/performance upgrade for existing systems. The FMC_CLHS_M makes it easy to perform the most advanced real-time video processing applications. Applications include low latency video sensors/frame grabbers for defense active protection systems, high resolution / high speed machine vision, medical systems.....



The new needs of high-resolution / ultra-fast cameras brought in particular by the developments of the new CMOS image sensors, combined with the manufacturers' need of high-throughput manufacturing processes, have considerably increased the number of images data to be processed.

The new FMC_CLHS_M mezzazine card enable development of the next generation of camera that can fully exploit new CMOS sensor technology, while providing low cost cameras that meet the ease of use, flexibility and data reliability demanded by customers


Frame grabbers enable applications to reach maximum speeds and resolutions for the connected cameras. The FMC_CHLS_M Mezzanine Card model is the fastest way to connect a  Camera Link HS camera (M Protocol) to a carried card and enable very high resolutions with no transmission latency.

FRAME GRABBER Parallel Image Processing


Image processing is gaining larger importance in a variety of application areas, e.g in 3D inspections, evaluating medical or satellite image data......

The extremely low latency of the Camera Link HS protocol is perfectly suited for Frame Grabber parallel image processing application.

The 2 CX4 connectors of the FMC_CLHS_M mezzazine card use this advantage and enable application where ultra high performance is needed.




  • Fixed Oscillator with differential output :            2 x 156.25MHz


  • 1 host CX4 connector (7 Rx + 1 Tx lanes)

  • 1 Device CX4 connector (7 Tx + 1 Rx lanes)

  • Speed transmission compatible with Camera Link HS 1.0

  • Maximum speed up to 8Gb/s.


  • CE

  • ROHS

  • UL 94 V-0


  • 76.5 x 69 mm



  • EEPROM 2Kb organized as 256 × 8 bits, I2C-compatible EEPROM

  • 2 Leds (green & orange) for indicating the link status.

  • 2 x 8-Channel Linear Repeater :

    • Manual signal conditioning setting.

    • Control for input termination, VOD (output amplitude) and equalization.

  • FMC-HPC (Partially Populated) connector

  • 8 GTP Transceivers (Rx)

  • 8 GTP Transceivers (Tx)

  • 5 single ended (LA)

  • 12V & 3.3V

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