HiResVision provides solutions from concept to completion


We offer a complete range of electronic design services to assist you throughout the electronic product development cycle.

HiresVision offers rapid product development and dramatically shortens your Time-To-Market.

We provide electronic design and manufacturing services including schematic design, simulation, PCB layout, assembly and testing.

We have designed electronic circuits for loads of applications particularly in complex vision system.


Our board designs are subject to significant pre and post routing analyses for signal integrity, cross talk analysis, transmission line design and correct terminations.

Our simulation process is flexible for your needs. It can be as extensive as running simulation on multiple boards as a system or as simple as running simulation selectively on a few critical lines. We also identify the risk areas of the circuit which will benefit from SI during the project planning phase.


Our work ranges from simple glue logic to extensive System on a Chip (SoC) designs which include soft core processors and IP core intégrations.


With extensive experience in advanced FPGA design, HiresVision FPGA development and FPGA prototyping services include:


  • VHDL code

  • Intellectual property integrator

  • Intellectual property supplier


HiResVision offers 3D design services.

We are able to create the complete mechanical PCB for each product or we can make modifications and improvements to your existing mechanical design.

We offers also 3d modeling & rendering PCB for realistic 3D view or animation.


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